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Vision Board 1:1 session 2h - Visualise your 2024 goals and discover Inspiring Stories!

Join us for an exciting offering where you can unleash your creativity as you create your very own Vision Board! This Workshop is all about setting your goals for 2024 in a creative way, whilst discovering inspiring stories from black people around the globe.

All materials included, but feel free to bring your own magazines, photos, cut-outs and anything else that you'd like to put on your board!

Vision Board 1:1 session online or in person- Visualise your 2024 Goals!

  • Crystal healing Master Teacher and I am Pro Crystal Reader. Spiritual life coach.

    I work with crystals to heal, find your purpose and to manifest

    Your dreams!

    Also I use my psychic and intuitive gifts to read the cards as seen and with intuitive spiritual and crystals guidance.

  • 2 hours including tea and fruit and snacks

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