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Nothing is shipped. You buying ritual and

there are no postage charges. You will receive an email with images of the ceremony and a personal note from Me.

Allow 2-3 working days.


This spell is 100% tailored to you! 
With your unique photos send to your


❗️I am not casting any spells on anyone.

I just letting go of any toxic relationships, ideas, places and energy that no longer serve us❗️


  • Description:

    What is the cord cutting ritual

    Is a way of releasing emotional attachments with someone or something. It's done by cutting a cord (of memory, energetic ties, or emotions) that ties you to the person, peoples or thing-things

    It's a way of releasing negative emotions that you have towards an event in your past. It can be used to remove the relationship between two people, or more

    it is a powerful practice that helps us let go of the past, make space for new 

    Cord cutting is a very common practice in both spiritual and secular traditions. The practice of cord cutting helps to recover energy that has been lost and to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries.


    What are the benefits of the cord-cutting ritual?

    It’s natural that certain experiences or people stick with us and are hard to shake.

    After  this ritual cord-cutting and go in with the intention to release, you will come out of it feeling much lighter. It will help you bring your energy back to yourself and finally move on for good.

    Can completely heal you physically, repair you energetically, change your relationships and improve your overall well-being. Creating new space 


    To begin the ritual, I’ll require your full name and date of birth 


    This is an exclusive Ceremony of Cord Cutting

    The ritual will takes place 2-3 working days after order.

    Also I will pull the oracle card for you and asking the question, “What do the person need to know about releasing all ties and attachments to. You can print the card or safe in your phone for mediation.

    As well I will send photo of the ceromony and the photo of oracle card by email

  • If you feel you have more cords to cut than can be achieved during this time, you can book another session. It is best to do this sort of therapy in shorter sessions.

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