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Crystal Healer London


I am a certified Crystal Healer Master Teacher and Pro Crystal reader - psychic reader and oracle reader working in London. I come from a long line of women in my family reaching back centuries who have had the gift.  The Slavic traditions have always been linked to natural forces such as the moon, stars and fire to herbs, crystals and stones.  I am a passionate certified crystal healer who works with crystals that have their own energy and vibration, which in turn work with your own energy field to heal or manifest what you are seeking in your life. Crystals can help with healing of emotional wounds, spiritual guidance, manifesting a particular goal, and much more. 

I offer 1:1 in person and distance  quantum crystal healing sessions and I am currently teaching Crystal Healing Level 1 & 2. 

 As a healing professional, I have acquired many modalities and techniques such as quantum crystal healing, spiritual shamanic journeying and healing initiation into Munay Ki and astrology tools. My background as an artist also allows me to use art therapy and colour therapy. I work on a priority basis, dealing firstly with blockages and, or, imbalances in the energy/auric body which imprints over time to the physical body. We all acquire and store events, trauma, pain, anger and other emotions in our energetic and physical bodies, these low vibration energies can cause discomfort, chronic pain and low life force energy. The techniques used to clear these issues, help you become aware and then care for your energy/auric body for yourself.


I am also a painter known for my  colourful, intuitive paintings of the Inner landscape, trees, abstracts and Mind Body Spirit Life drawings celebrating the expressive capacity of the human figure. I am a member of Richmond Art Society, I have exhibited with the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival, London, Westbourne Studios, Notting Hill and with The big To(e) Ball, at The Richmond Hill Hotel.


Crystal Healing Master Teacher - taught by Philip Permutt

Pro Crystal  Reader - taught by Krista Mitchell   (The Crystalline Academy)

Diploma in Art Therapy

Diploma in Colour Therapy 

Master of Shamanic Journeying, Ritual & Ceremony 

Astrology Diploma 

Vedic Art Diploma

Crystal Healer, Artist, London
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