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Women's Circle



A women's circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen.  Share your visions and journey deep into the feminine.  The beauty is that every circle brings a different experience as we connect with different soul sisters.  The secrets of the circle have to be experienced to be felt.

In a sacred circle, heal your soul and body.  Release what is no longer serving you from your past and set your intentions for a new month.  This is a truly regenerative, expansive and transformational experience.  Receive and release on the new moon/full moon circle.


All women and feminine beings are welcome to join the circle regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.  They are completely beginner-friendly.

Experience the power of sharing

Embodiment Practice

Deep Listening

Healing Journey

Join us as we gather usually under the new moon or full moon for an event of connection with other divine feminines like yourself.  When you step into the women's circle, you are reviving an ancient feminine practice.  In our sacred place, we will be sharing, healing and setting intentions for what we want moving forward. 


What can you expect?

An online portal or in-person circle of divine feminine sisterhood.

I create and open a sacred safe space and embrace the energy of the month for sharing with other women.

An oracle card is pulled out for the circle.

The circle will help align your soul with your purpose and remove energetic blocks preventing you from manifesting, to help you to understand how to listen to your hearts deepest desires.

I talk about where we are astrologically and in the medicine wheel of the year.

A guided meditation to anchor us into our heart spaces.

Crystal healing session to help you connect to your inner divinity.

Allow space for us to journal and set our intentions for the month.

I help you to get clear on your dreams and set your goals for the month ahead and set up intention for the month.  The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend it live.

See you in the circle 

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